2 Pages Acting as Home Page - Can't control it

I created a page yesterday that I tried to rename, reposition by making it a Main Menu item not a sub, change URL and I discovered I am not able to control this info. It is behaving like a second home page. In fact, components of the two pages are tied together and change in unison. I duplicated the EDIT Schedule page and deleted the original but the dup has all the same problems. I am hoping to not have to recreate the page.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? The problem page is called “Copy of EDIT Schedule”.

Notice the “What’s this page’s name (on your menu)?” says one thing but the Site Menu list calls it another. Notice it is identified as “This is your homepage” but so is my page called home

Home page and the Copy of EDIT Schedule page are linked and changes to the "What’s this page’s name (on your menu)? change both of the pages’ names in that input field and SEO Basics URL tab but not on the Site Menu list.

My sit e

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Hi Terribandaruk, I have just stumbled on your issue and am having the same issue with all my pages, home page incuded. I have 3 of most pages. Did you get it fixed? As I have looked everywhere and can’t find anyway to sort the problem out. I can’t even see the other pages in Wix to fix it either.