About users in countries with poor internet infrastructure ( experience / suggestion )

Hello friends.

As you know, Wix has 135 million users . While Wix offers the interface in specific languages, people of many nations on the planet want to create websites with Wix.

We have the most perfect and practical web site creation interface on the planet. I want to give you an experience, so when you create a website for a Wix user, after a while the Wix user can tell you that the website is slow, and that the pages are slow to open.

They may ask for a refund or say the Wix system is slow .

We already know how to create a Wix site with standard or highly detailed pages.

However, after submitting the site to the user, they can add new images or videos to the pages. They can create new pages. A user with inadequate knowledge of SEO can add hundreds of photos to any page, so the website opens slowly .

When this happens, the user reaches the Wix Support team first. Specifies that the Web site is opened slowly. When the Wix Support team checks the speed of the web site, the team will say to the user can specify that everything is normal. ( If there are not too many visual or large files on a page )

If everything is normal, but the user is talking about a slow-opened site, the internet infrastructure of the country where it is probably located may not be good.

I want to give an example ;

My country internet speed in Turkey between 8 to 16 megabits per second. 70% of the country is using these speeds.

But the internet infrastructure in my country is very poor .

People who use the 24 to 100 megabit internet package usually don’t get full efficiency.

Mostly, the internet speed in my country is between 2 and 8 megabits .

I mportant point ,

I have reviewed hundreds of Wix websites in this country and provided support services.

The problem I encountered most was the slow opening of the pages.

When the user arrives, it indicates that the site is opened very slowly. When I check the site, I observe that it opens very quickly.

But I ask the user to test the video of this late-opening problem by testing it from different machines and devices.

When I do a review, I analyze that the internet speed is slow in the geographic location of the user.

In order to prevent this situation, I suggest you research the internet infrastructure of the user lives in the country.

1. I advise you to investigate the Internet infrastructure without prompting the user.

2. Send the user a few of the examples of the website you created earlier and ask them to test.

3. Before submitting the site to the user, provide the information that will cause the site to open late.

If you do so, you will prevent the problem of requesting a refund. And after a while, when the user adds new pages to the website, he knows what are the factors that will affect the site opening speed.

In this way, we will prevent people from claiming that Wix is working slowly. In this way, the refund request will end.

Most webmasters in my country are designing websites using Wix. And 80% of the user complaints reaching me is about slow-opening websites.

Hopefully, this experience and suggestions will help my friends who work in countries where internet infrastructure is not good.

I wanted to share an experience with my dear Wix Expert friends with my non-good English :)) I hope the Wix Expert forum is will be good for all of us.

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