Add Custom Tracking Code To Wix Product Page

I am adding a custom code (script) to specific pages to track facebook pixel events in Manychat.

I want to add a specific code for each Product Page on my wix store.

For example, I should be able to add a to this product page this specific code to its header.

Then Product #2 should have its own tracking code, as well a Product #3, etc.

Here are the options that came into mi mind…

What should I do?

    1. Add all products scripts to product-page code
    1. Add a code on each product page header using Velo
    1. Other

What do you think?

For option 1.
In case you want me to turn on Dev Mode and add all the scripts to Wix Stores product-page (Which could work), how can I separete each script?

All the scripts are the SAME, the only that changes is the “Conversion Event Name” (Please read the code and find ProductInstagramPostsPack)

For option 2.
This could be the ideal option. I don’t know how to do it or if it’s possible. In case yes, could you tell me how?

For option 3.
I just want to make sure which one is the best way to do it and if you can send me some instructions as well.

*Please note : I have already talked to WIX SUPPORT team, they tell me that there was a request to ask Wix Stores let us add custom codes to each product-page. Sadly, they did not go futher with the request so we must find a better way to do it on our own.

Thank you. I hope you find this post interesting.