Add Multiple Custom Filter on Dynamic Page

I’m learning to create WIX Dynamic Page, before doing that, I would like to clarify the following:

  1. I’m planning to build a Diamond TABLE list that allow our customer to adjust the filters of predefined value (Eg. Color Range, Clarify Range, Price Range, Carat Range).
    Multiple Custom Filters - Once Dataset had been created and content being publish to the page in TABLE format, is it possible to create Multiple Custom Filters that let our customer to adjust the value (In Range style)?

  2. Click to action - Is it possible to add a button on the last field of the table, when our customer click on this button of selected row, it will Add the selected row item to shopping cart?

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Hello Jack

  1. Yes this is possible through wix code. For the filters, make sure they have a onValueChange() event added to them through the properties panel. Inside this function you can set a filter that takes the new value and applies a filter on the dataset based on that value. After that all you have to do is refresh the dataset and all the items that match the filter criteria will show

Set filter on a dataset - here
Refresh dataset - here
more info on onValueChange() event - here

  1. Yes this is also possible, when the user selects a row get that rows index and then select that row using the selectRow() function. After this you are free to use that rows data wherever you want (add to shopping cart)

code to get index (change the onEvent() to whatever event you want):

 $w("#myRepeatedElement").onEvent( (event, $w) => { 
   let itemId = event.context.itemId; // "item1" 
 } ); 

more info on selectRow() - here

Let me know if this helps,

Hi Majd

Thanks, but what I really want to show the Advance Filtering to the page and let the user adjust it themselve. When I setup the product page, WIX do have filtering function that let user adjust the price range, now I want this type of filter (Slide range fitler) to be available on my newly created page that connects to WIX connection.



Hello Jack,

Unfortunately this is not possible, however you can create a filter for min/max price. You can request this feature in the feature request forum here:

Hey i have done filter using dropdown, slider, checkbox, radio button, Date picker, Input element and switch at the same time

Please let me know if you need a help in this

I have done this for four to five client all of them are asked for 10 - 20 filter working on the same time

It’s possible :wink:


Hi, I’m trying to create my first website…
I want to try to make a list of different filter(mostly like your list) where each user can modify and consequently of what it choose the result have to change. It’s like that each filter reduce the list a little bit. If it’s possible it will be great if during the settings the list change without click the bottom search at the end.


Hi Guys.
I have a small issue with Images after I publish my site. I have tested it on several computers and with different operating systems. The issue is when I have an Image on a dynamic page and I set its click event to popup that’s works fine, when I run this and the dynamic page is displayed I click on an Image, It pops up like its supposed to…( so far so good) when I then click on the large ‘X’ top right of the popup it closes just fine, which allows me to select another image or even the same image and repeat the click and display process. (No Problems). Here’s the Issue…If however I click the Image and close it by clicking on the pop up image it closes …nice…BUT I can then no longer click any image to pop it up again. I need to refresh my page to enable me to click images successfully to pop them up…Why is This…??

Thanks in advance or please pass it on the powers that be for them to investigate…



Hi @ssivan84
Here’s the code
Please take a look

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Hello @salman-hammed
Great example, great code!
Thank you very much

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Hi @salman-hammed can you please help me how to make recruiters job posting and displaying it by searching bar with items(Which are provided by recruiters in my website page ) by job seekers.