Adding an online store to an already slow website

Hey all,

We’ve created an editor x site for our business and we are now wanting to make an online store to sell products. Since we already feel that the site is unnecessarily slow, we’re hesitant to build the storefront on this same website.

Would adding a subdomain and building it on another website entirely be a better idea, or should we expect to see similar results? Can anyone attest to seeing performance gains by utilizing subdomains or is it just slow everywhere.

Hi Kelen I would put your store on the same site, but make it faster. It’s much more user friendly to have everything integrated on one site.

Here are a few things I found helpful

  1. You can optimize your images (png takes longer to load than jpg)

  2. If you have elements like pro galleries try replacing them with individual images, or a repeater with images.

  3. Also, try to avoiding iFrames.

  4. If you have videos, set them to run only once they appear on the screen (not on load) or through a play button.

  5. If you have corvid code you can try getting it out of the page onready function, and run it once the page already displays.

Try speed testing your website with here
You can look at the total size and speed of your site
My site size is just around 4MB and takes almost 8sec to fully complete loading, however the site displays within a few seconds. It loads most of the code after that.