Adding Company Field to Custom Member Sign Up Form

Good day - “Company” is a standard member field yet does not appear as a selectable field when building out the Custom Member Sign Up Form. I can add a user defined field, e.g Client Website and then it appears for selection, yet don’t wish to create “Company2” as a workaround! Grateful for any insight you could share!

With thanks in advance


Is it listed under “Settings → Members Signup, Login & Security → Member Account & Profile Info” ?

Thanks @kiantorimi - it is listed there and I had added it before my original post, along with a custom field, “Client Website” (see screenshot), yet the standard fields of Company and Position do not appear for selection when you edit a custom sign up, although my custom field does. I see elsewhere that those fields are not considered “contact fields” yet I’d still like to add them to the custom sign up. TIA.

Can you post your code? Have you done a console.log of the variable to see what’s in it? It’s likely under customFields.