Adding Fields To Collections

When I create custom collections in Content Manager, I can add whatever fields I want to pull into my dynamic pages.

I need to add additional fields to the store collections and I have looked and not found a solution. I can open the database manager, and see the table, but I am not allowed to add more columns.

Or is there a way to bring your database collections from the Content manager into the store.

I would also like to know if you can somehow tag products so users could filter the products. This is a jewelry store, so I would like to tag products with the type of gold, the type of stone, etc. So the tags my look like - 14k, white gold, diamond…

Are there apps that can accomplish this?

Hi @mic ,

You can create a new collection, add a reference field to “Products”, and add extra column. With this, you can create 2 dataset on the page (Products & YOUR_EXTENDED_DATABASE) and filter the YOUR_EXTENDED_DATABASE by reference to the Products.

With this workaround, you can extend Stores data without code, and doing other filter as you wished.

Does it solve your question?

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That makes sense. I will try that and report back. THANK YOU!

Thank you for this. I think it solves my problem. I was able to link the collections.