Adding Script to Body

I am working on blending a Wix site with Vimeo’s subscription platform. In order to add their code for checkout, they provided the below directions:

To integrate the Checkout embed on your site, include the following script at the bottom of your page:

<!-- include at the bottom of your site inside the body tag -->
<script src=""></script>

With the included script, any link on your pointing to will open the checkout embed with the associated Vimeo OTT Product for purchase.

I have tried copying and pasting this in the code section but I keep getting a parsing error. I know there is the Anlystics route but you have to have a paid subscription to use that options and this is a site for a client who will subscribe once the site is complete.

Any help is much appreciated.

If possible goto tracking & analytics and add custom script, here is the place for that to be inserted

Hi Tiffany,

If you are not using Tracking Tools & Analytics, you can try reading this article for a different approach.
You can also search the forum for more information

Hope the helps!

  • Lior