Additional Info section on product page set to collapsed instead of expanded ?

The additional info section on product page is set to expanded. Is there a way to code it to be set to collapse instead ? I can’t see any area to change in the settings so hoping it can be coded.

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So I guess no one knows.

Still getting asked by a few clients on this issue now.

Sorry, I can’t help, but would also love to know this… seems a little on the pointless side having a stylish collapsible menu, that opens with everything wide open =S

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I have the exact same question, also for the tab controls of info sections, can we customize different font for each tab?

Same issue here. It would be great to have a way to actually collapse all sections on load…

I would also love to know this…

Yep we have the same issue too… it looks rather crappy when the indo section opens already expanded

A work around is in the regular WIX editor. It seems that if you have more than two info sections, your product page will load with only the first Info Section expanded and the remaining as collapsed. So I broke my info section into multiple info sections and made the first info section the shortest one in terms of text so that the following collapsed sections are visible without having to scroll. Here’s an example of how my product pages load:

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Hi Ueli,
Can you share the URL of your store? Just to see it live…
Thanks in advance

Hi, sure. Here’s the site: womencraft-europe(dot)org. Somehow my account doesn’t allow me to post links. The Online store is still under development, so please don’t order anything for now :slight_smile:

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Hi Ueli, thank you for your advice, I am happy to report it worked a treat !! much appreciated , thanks again for sharing

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Click Manage Products, Click Settings, Click Design, Click Info Sections, Click Collapse.

Anyone knows if it is possible to expand all the info at the same time on the mobile version?

Can not see info sections under design

I will try again…sorry. Go to your Product Page. Click on the Info section (it will then say manage products and settings) Click Settings from there. Select ‘Design’ from the dropdown menu, Select ‘Info Section’ then select ‘collapse’. See if that works for you. I had to figure it out on my own with much frustration as well, but have figured it out and am more than willing to share it with anyone.

I’m having this same issue, I managed to figure out the fix with multiple info sections… it’s good on desktop, but mobile always defaults to be open ‘collapse’ style even if I pick tabs.? any idea

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