Address input field from form will not send to Google Sheet.

Hi, I have been searching for a solution to this with no luck. I have a form that collects name, phone, email, and address. I am able to send each field with Zapier to google sheet except for the address input field.

I have been trying some coding solutions to send the data directly to google sheets. From researching I think the issue might be that the address field is JSON and google sheets doesn’t recognize that. I have found some info on the ImportJSON function in google sheets and I have set that up (adding API key to Secrets Manager) but where I am stuck is what to do with my wix code to get a URL to put into the ImportJSON function in google sheets. Can anyone help with the code I need to do this?

I’m pretty new to this so I might not even be on the right track, if so, what should I be doing to get the JSON address input from the form to send to a google sheet?

Thank you!

Is the field not coming in at all through into zapier or is it an array format? You’ll need to probably use some zapier code to entangle the array to pass it into google sheets. Or maybe use integromat instead of zapier?