Adjusting UI Labels?...

Hi All,

So I’ve done something I imagine others have done (either exactly or as corollary to different use cases):

I’m building a site where we deal with Students.

Since these students don’t have a ‘Company’ or ‘Job Title’ (and we wouldn’t care if some of the older students did), I’ve repurposed ‘Company’ to be ‘Current School’ and ‘Job Title’ as ‘Current Grade’.

Of course, I could have used Extended Fields, but since the two above are so parallel to the attributes that exist in the Main, it seemed pointless, and inefficient to bloat the data in that way.

I’m totally fine with what I am doing. No problem.

My question is simple, and if the answer is ‘No’ then that is fine…

Can I, somewhere, somehow, rig the UI to display the label ‘Current School’ instead of ‘Company’ and to display ‘Current Grade’ instead of ‘Job Title’? I’m presuming this might be with Code I’ve done similar things with CSS and/or Twig in other environments, dunno about WiX.

Thanks in advance.


Please explain where in the UI do you need to change the label.

Well, when you click ‘View’ next to the Contact (and probably a few other places and situations I don’t know about). It would be too bad if it needed to be a page-by-page thing, but like I say, it’s not that important that no big deal if there is no method.

Indeed the Attribute Name is ‘jobTitle’ (I’m quite sure) and here it is ‘Position’, so there must be a label-attribute mapping document somewhere (yaml, json, xml…), why wouldn’t it be possible to have some sort of custom backend document with a few ‘overrides’. Indeed, it is the exact same concept as Translation – in this case it could be like an ‘English/Academic’ translation.

For instance, I am certain that if I set the site to be in ‘Español’ then the ‘Company’ label would become ‘Empresa’ and ‘Position’ would become ‘Título Profesional’ – then if you allowed for ‘Español/Academi’ you could make ‘Empresa’ into ‘Colegio’ and ‘Título Profesional’ into ‘Grado’.

Thanks for your response.