Again. The text panel not working

Both text boxes in my stack are suddenly set to “justify” instead of “left aligned”. I did not made this changes. And the panel does not let me change it to “left aligned” or any other alignment.

Also, how can I align the text to upper edge of the box?

Hi @kuklick !

I have recorded the short screencast addressing your issue -

The alignment of elements within a stack can be managed in the Inspector Panel.

Also, in inspector panel there are alignment buttons that make the process much easier.

I hope this will help

Thanks, that worked.

Do you also know how to align text properly on top?


I am afraid it will not be possible to align it to most top as text box has small margin around of it by default.

I think it is less noticeable when using small letters.

Sure. But I can’t use smaller letters to avoid UI flaws if Editor X!!! WTF
The text box is simply far too big.