Allowing A Page to Have different Data Permissions

I have a form that users submit data to and they can edit their own data. The Permissions to the database are Site Member Author, Site Member, Site Member Author, & Admin.

I want to have a page that a person with elevated permissions via member settings can view this page but they need to be able to see all of the data.

For Example:
We have 100 people in this database a user can log into their own account and change their preferences. Then I want to have someone with elevated permissions be able to see all 100 peoples data.

Is there code to turn off database permissions? I have see some, but cant figure it out. Thanks for the help!!!

i believe you can pass authority suppression though i have never used it myself
Relevant info:

Take a look at the Example: Stripe Payment Processing . This example demonstrates access of visitors, registered members, and paid members. By using router functions, you can limit access to certain pages depending on the access permission of the type of site visitor.

I hope this helps,