Animation Problem in Slideshows

I’ve run into a strange problem with animated elements used in slideslow slides. This is a recent development, and everything was working correctly in the past.

The slideshow itself isn’t set to animate, but certain elements within the slideshow are. The animation plays correctly when it first appears, but it doesn’t if you switch from one slide to the one it was on previously. It will play again correctly if you switch to a different slide first. “Only animate first time” is not checked.

So, for example, if you have 3 slides, each with animated elements in them, and switch between them in sequence, everything will play correctly. If, however, you have 3 slides and you start on 1 (animation works) then switch to 2 (animation works) and then from 2 back to 1, the animation on the first slide won’t animate again. If you have only 2 slides in a slideshow and can only switch between them back and forth, the elements only animate the first time.

1 (works) → 2 (works) → 3 (works) → 1 (works)
1 (works) → 2 (works) → 1 (doesn’t work)
1 (works) → 2 (works) → 1 (doesn’t work) → 2 (doesn’t work)
1 (works) → 2 (works) → 1 (doesn’t work) → 2 (doesn’t work) → 3 (works) → 1 (works)

Strangely, switching slides on a different slideshow on the same page fixes this one time.

1 (works) → 2 (works) → then switch a different slideshow on the same page → then switch this one back to 1 (works)

Take this page for example:

If you click the “more” buttons on the left or right, it animates correctly. It’s going 1 → 2 → 3.

If you click “Description” → “Special Notes” → “Close”, it animates correctly, because this is again going 1 → 2 → 3. If you choose “Description” → “Zomb’s Thoughts” it doesn’t work on the second switch, because this is going 1 → 2 → 1. If you choose “Description” → “Zomb’s Thoughts” then use one of the “more” buttons and then “Description” it works. This is like the fifth scenario I listed above.

Again, this is new behavior - everything was working correctly before, and nothing has changed on my end.

The problem I mentioned above has actually been fixed (back to the way it was before) in the time since I posted it. The animations are all working properly (in any order) now.

Hi there, I’m having a similar issue trying to animate elements of a slideshow. I’d love to see your code if that’s ok with you?