Another Unfindable Page >_<

If I type in my site’s name followed by “/randomword”, I get this massive white box at the bottom of a page that says, “This product couldn’t be found.”

Any clue where this page is located within my site? It’s not on any of my Store pages.

Based on the screenshot, it seems /randomword is a product page but for an unavailable page. Might recommend checking the minimum height for the section since if there’s nor product to fill out the product page, it could be there is not content to fill out the page.

Hey @Rob , setting the min height field to “none” made no difference. Neither did setting it to 1,372px. Any other suggestions?

Yes. Didn’t put a recommended height since wasn’t sure the design you want to achieve. Generally if you want it to fill the entire height, you can set it to 100VH .

I tried it on mines and it works to fill out the section.

@Rob That seems to have done the trick! Thank you so much!!

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