Arena Challenge Jan 2019: WHEEL OF WIX!

Winners were CHOSEN! We couldn’t choose just 10… so we had to choose a couple extra because yall are SO AMAZING!

Here is the list:

Melanie Edwards - (1) One Year Ascend Unlimited
CC Web Design - WILD (Choice of (2) 1 Year Unlimited Premium OR Swag Pack)
Tanuj - (2) One Year Ascend Basic
Kinedic Media - (2) One Year Ascend Basic
Yaz Sheikh - (2) One Year unlimited premium
Wix Factory - (2) One Year Unlimited Premium
Jacob Spilberg - (5) One Year Unlimited Premium
Jimi Bush - Swag Pack!
Jim Chadoulas - (2) One Year unlimited Premium
Infinity Web Design - (3) Business Unlimited Premium
Dena Testa Bray - Swag Pack!
Hausman Graphics - WILD! (Choice of (2) 1 Year Unlimited Premium OR Swag Pack)

Watch it again:

Wix Arena January Challenge FAQ

  1. What is this contest?
    Complete and submit the most Wix Arena projects during the month of January

10 winners will be selected based on:
● Number of completed and submitted projects in January 2019
● Variety of projects submitted
● A higher number of projects submitted in January 2019 when compared
to December 2018
Be sure to read the terms and conditions.
2. How do I enter?
You’re automatically entered in this contest if you’re a Wix Expert in the Wix
Arena. Simply complete and submit all your Wix Arena projects by January 31st,
3. When is the contest?
The contest will run through January 31st, 2019. We’ll consider projects that
were completed and submitted during the month of January 2019.
4. When will the winners be notified?
We’ll announce the 10 winners at our live round table on February 4th, 2019.
After the announcement, each winner will get a spin on our online prize wheel
wheel to find out what they won. Each winner will get one prize.
5. What are the prizes?
We’ll announce the specific prizes at the round table. They’ll include different
Wix products and services.
6. How do I submit my completed projects?
Same as always. Simply go to your Wix Arena dashboard to submit your
completed projects.
7. Who can submit?
Wix Experts who are part of the Wix Arena.
8. Can I submit a project if the lead didn’t come from the Wix Arena?
9. Can I submit a project if I got the lead before January?
Yes. Keep in mind, we’ll only consider projects that were completed and
submitted during the month of January 2019.
10.I won! How do I claim my prize?
We’ll contact you directly via email after the live roundtable on February 4th,
11. Can I submit any Wix Arena project?
12.I participated in the December challenge. Can I participate in this one, too?
Yes. All Wix Experts in the Wix Arena can join the January challenge.


Hola, ya se realizo el sorteo de los participantes del diciembre challenge ? :wink:

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This would be easy if we got more “Live Leads” from the Arena. I have submitted about 37 emails to leads from the Arena and still have not received even a “Read Receipt” from one of those emails.


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I don’t allow read receipts for any email. >< I hope you get some bites soon my friend!

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Si, ya se realizo el sorteo de Diciembre! Buena suerte para el sorteo de Enero! :slight_smile:

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Hi Brett, I have already created and uploaded two projects on the Arena. Will they be counted? Tx

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Hi Matteo!

As long as the projects were completed and submitted in the month of January, you’re good to go! :slight_smile:

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@sheyla Perfect, Thanks!

I used to have that problem. I switched my email over to info@ instead of my former gmail account and things have changed drastically.

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I would have loved to be a part but Wix Arena application has been pending for more than a month now :slight_smile: And no one from the email gets in touch either. :frowning:

They are usually really awesome at responding!

@brett-haralson They always reply to support tickets super fast. (wix in general)

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I have had 27 and landed 3. That’s 11% rate of return from lead generation which is a huge win (typical is 5-10%). Especially considering WIX is helping you out for free. Follow up 2 times. If no response, move on. It’s a numbers game. You might want to evaluate your message and try some A/B testing on how you reply to leads. Good luck!

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Thank you!!!


@brett-haralson how do i claim the offer please?

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Awesome! Thanks so much!! :tada:

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Hi there,
A small wish. It would be great when announcing winners to provide links to sites that were awarded.
I would be interested to see. Experience exchange.


Congrats! How many projects did the winners submit?
It’s an incentive to do better …


Great suggestion Eugene!