Article: Using JSDoc in the Code Editor

The Velo Code Editor supports JSDoc , a popular markup language used to document JavaScript code. The Code Editor uses JSDoc to generate type checking and code autocomplete. Adding this annotation to your custom code allows you to benefit from these features. This can help you keep your code error-free throughout your site and is especially useful in large or complex projects.

Learn how to use JSDoc in the Code Editor here:

Question regarding Velo package and JSDoc.

How do we need to setup the documentation so that I will be available whenever a package is installed on a website?

For instance I’ve got a package that contains wrappers around wixData API. Where/how do I store documentation about methods expose by that package? I would like that documentation to be at least available whenever I import a method from my Velo package

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Thanks for your question! I’m looking into it and will let you know as soon as I have an answer.