assign member role from item in data repeater

Hello! I need help with assigning member roles on the front end based on the selection of a drop down from a site member. I have the assignRole() function working correctly based on dropdown selection. However I need help accessing the correct member ID.

I have 4 member types
i. General Member
ii. Applicant
iii. Approved Applicant
iv. Staff Member

I have a staff only page that displays applicants (based on a submitted form) in a data repeater table. For each item in the repeater there is a Drop Down button that gives the options Approved, Pending, Declined. The idea is that a staff member can change the applicants status based on the drop down selection, without having to manually do it in the WIX CRM.

I need help calling the correct member id for the assignRole function. I can provide code if necessary, thank you!

Pretty sure I have figured it out actually :sweat_smile: