Assigning Member Roles based on Ticket Order

Hi all, I am trying to assign member roles (using the new API) based on tickets purchased from a specific event. Any help would be appreciated! Here is what I have so far.

import wixData from 'wix-data';
import wixUsersBackend from 'wix-users-backend';
import {roles} from 'wix-users-backend';
export function wixEvents_onOrderConfirmed(roleId, memberId) {// Filename: public/Tickets.js 
 let event= ('astra-winter-camp-exhibiting-affiliates')
 return roles.assignRole('4241876b-bd88-4c22-9a12-d754cd8f04a9', memberId, {suppressAuth: false})
    .then( () => {
    .catch((error) => {