Attaching Audio & Text to an Indexed-Slideshow fed by a Database

I’m having trouble attaching Audio & Text items to an Indexed-Slideshow presentation fed by a database. The user would switch between Slideshow items by clicking the thumbnails. In the image below, my notes on one of Wix standard Gallery items illustrates what I want. The Audio & Text items, of course, would change with each slide.

The problem is that I can’t always get Audio or Text items to attach to Wix structures like this. I’ve tried Repeaters, Slideshows, and Gallery structures. Sometimes I can get the Audio and Text to attach, but other times I can’t. Maybe I just haven’t found the right Wix structure yet?

Or maybe I need to drive this with code. I prefer the simplest solution, so if code is required would like to keep it simple.

Thanks for any pointers.