Auto-complete issue

Hey @yisrael-wix

I used your example for auto-complete (love it, works great)

But I have an issue that might be a bug:
The input field is connected to a dataset as this is part of a custom form that I have.

When clicking the “submit” button the value that is passed to the save is only the first letters that were typed are save.

Here are few images to illustrate:
Step 1: enter 2 characters

Step 2: selected an item from the repeater

Step 3: submit to data
As you can see the data that was saved is only the 2 characters

This is the website [](


What do you think?


What do I think? I think I’ve got a headache.

I’ll take a look - as soon I’ve fortified myself with a beer or two.

What page is this on?

Aha! I think I see the issue. You are retrieving the value of the input field. Since this is “auto-complete”, all you did was type two or three (or whatever) number of characters to get the dropdown list. However, the input field only has those two characters - and, that’s exactly what you are retrieving and saving.

What you want to do is to save the text value of the item in the dropdown repeater that you clicked on.

@yisrael-wix Thanks
You are right but if I do console log for the value of the input item I get the value that is shown all of it not just the typed letter

@benny-glaser Hmm, you’re right. I think that you need to do setFieldValue() for the input field.

$w('#input').value = itemData.title;
$w("#dataset2").setFieldValue("title", itemData.title);
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