Backend custom JS and CSS files not loading

Hi all,

I am trying to add an image map created with an external standalone plugin only for one page, and am having trouble getting my custom CSS and JS loaded.

Currently the backend of this specific page (although it seems global) looks like below:

Load image-map-pro.min.css

Yet none of the CSS or JS is loaded. I search using browser tools inspector, and they are not in the code. I’ve cleared browser cache and still the same.

Also there is

which is being loaded by the Dashboard > Settings > Custom Code:

You’ll notice above, the first section is turned off, as the CSS should be loading like i first mentioned. If i do turn that on, it will load the code for the file, but the file is still not there: https://www.onceuponawatershed. org/css/image-map-pro.min.css. The only way I can find to upload the actual file content without FTP is

  1. Velo > backend > create folder “css”

  2. Add file, name it image-map-pro.min.css

  3. Paste in my css code

  4. See first screenshot of that.

Yet, the CSS in this case isn’t getting loaded from either place.

What am i missing? Is there some Velo process to push and make changes live? Is there a better way to que up what i need for this page, which is 1 css, 3 js (my 2 and external jQuery which works), and insert that DIV snippet on this one page?

The page is https://www.onceuponawatershed . org/matilija-watershed-mural

Thanks so much!