Beta Opened: Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Yall are gonna LOVE this. This new tool helps you create multichannel marketing campaigns with a single goal for your clients. Use customizable email, video and social post templates for consistent design and messaging. Once live, you can analyze and track overall performance.

  • A place to create & track holiday campaigns

  • Each campaign consists of multiple activities (email, video, and social posts) based on readymade templates

  • Each activity can be published on a different time (which makes it a ‘campaign’)

  • The overall performance of the campaign is aggregated (website visits, orders & revenues)

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to offer a ‘holiday’ campaign to your clients.

Use THIS LINK to access the beta.

This is only available in EN for now. More languages soon! :slight_smile:


How do I access the beta? Nothing happens when I click the link other than selecting a site.

You have to be the owner of the site + be a partner in the beta program. We will be opening it to contributors in the coming week(s).

“Multichannel Marketing Campaigns” is really a great Wix feature. We believe that it will be really great to make it available to all Wix users ASAP due to the festive season ahead, especially with the online store. Thanks!

Great ! :slight_smile:
All that’s missing is Linkedin and you’ll be perfect Wix

It would be good to have a blank template rather than predesigned upcoming American shopping holidays. I’m just at the beginning of marketing a series of training events for a nationally important adventure race in my country, that we’ll be marketing in a wide range of channels, which sounds perfect for this sort of program.

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Will LinkedIn be an option at another point along with the other Social Media Platforms.

Thanks for the feedback Dana.

Hi Stan, I can definitely forward this feedback to the team. I’m sure they’re planning on adding other platforms in the near future!

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