Blocking the Docking tool with pop up labels?

Has anyone noticed that working with the docking, margin and padding tool has just been made very difficult? It is very concerning to see updates in the editor that are regressive. It’s almost like the developers come up with an idea and have no clue about being a designer.
See the screenshot that shows how the docking tool gets blocked by these unnecessary pop up labels. You have to jump around them and click outside of the inspector panel and scroll up and down so you can finally enter the value without the pop up blocking.

@SCW This is great feedback! We definitely don’t want anything hindering the designing process! Are there any specific situations where you notice it happens more or less?

Thanks for your reply. This happens all the time and it is extremely frustrating. Who is designing the editor tools? How come they can not see these glaringly obvious bad interface design elements? If it is that important to have these descriptive labels then place them under the docking square as subtle text pop ups and let them show there as you click on the docking tool but not on top with a black background covering the whole tool.
When you think about it, this part of the editor is not for beginners. If someone is working with the docking tool he/she already knows what the symbols and the circles are for.
Attached is a very simple solution which actually adds logic to the inspectors panel’s “Position” section. The docking tool and the alignment tool are position elements and need to be grouped together. This way you won’t need the circles around the docking panel and the annoying black labels that pop up.