Blog post section does not correctly accomodate length of post

Hi guys,

My blog post page behaves oddly recently. It wasn´t always like this… I swear…

A. The blog post page shows the entire blog post regardless of the post´s length . BUT…

B. When the blog post section is set to “Auto”, for somewhat longer posts, all sections below the blog post section will scroll up right through the blog post text This includes even the footer. See attached screenshot.

C. On my laptop, this happens after the fixed length of ca 9 pages (I can page down 9 pages before the footer scrolls up). This behavior exists on all viewpoints.

Here is what I tried without success

A. Set section length to “Auto” . As said, this default option doesn´t help - the section does NOT adapt itself to the blog post length.

B. Set section length minimum to a large size (e.g. 20000 pixels). This works, but of course for shorter blog posts, it pushes down the footer very far and shows lots of white space that is not used by the blog post (so that the user does not see it). This also shows, that the blog length does not exceed the maximum section length: it does actually fit into one section.

B. Added a long transparent dummy section with fixed length between post section and footer section. This works too, but it too pushes the footer down with endless white space, also for shorter posts.

C. With section length = Auto, set blog post scroll behavior to “scroll”. This does not work: there is no scroll-bar when the section below the blog post section (e,g, the footer or any other secition) scrolls up.

This is really strange, since the footer should by definition always be fixed to the end of the page, or it is not a footer…

Looks like a bug to me but I may have overlooked something.


  • Attached screen shot of footer scrolling up right through the blog text

  • An example where you see lots of space AFTER the end of the blog post section. The section length is currently set to “Fixed 20k pixels”. . For illustration I have given the section a background color.

Thanks for any advice!

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Hey @rotrautrumbaumbewegt , it seems like the Blog element received some default height value.
Try removing it by switching to Fixed and back to Fluid > Select the Section and remove min-height.
As shown in the video: