Blog widget issues


I have recently had two issues on my site:

  1. the blog widget does not use the cascading rule, is this correct? It would be handy if I could define different amounts of posts per row for different breakpoints, but this does not seem to be possible, am I correct?

  2. The mobile slider widget does not work on my site. When I try to use it, either by the automated timer or by the aroows/sliding with a finger, I can move the first post but it always springs back to the first post, e.g. does not go forward, also the automated timer does not work.

Any ideas for these issues?

So for the first question, the tablet and desktop version of the blog app will share the same settings; so if the desktop is set to have 2 rows, the tablet will also have two rows and vice-versa.

You can display a second blog app and one of each on the other breakpoints.

As for the second question, do you have a link to the site so we can investigate?