Botón ID No lo reconoce °°° Button ID Doesn't recognize you

Estoy creando eventos personalizados en Google Tag Manager y Pixel de Facebook y al momento de crear los ID de cada botón que yo he creado en el editor de VELO, no lo reconoce, realizo la depuración en Google tag manager y dice que no tienen ningún id…

I’m creating custom events in Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel and when creating the IDs of each button I’ve created in the VELO editor, it doesn’t recognize it, I debug in Google tag manager and it says they don’t have any ID…

En esta captura realice el ID de este botón. /// In this capture, make the ID of this button.

Y aquí no me muestra ningún ID /// And here it doesn’t show me any IDs

Your button is not CONNECTED to your CODE!

		console.log("Button-"+$w.('#ReservarRomantic').label+" clicked.")

Hello thank you very much for answering, I had already tried with that but still does not give me results :frowning:
The ID still doesn’t appear in the code and Tag Manager Event

You use FireFox, or which kind of BROWSER is it?

Try to use the console of CHROME → Press F-12 → navigate to CONSOLE.

Press your —> " #ReservarRomantic "-Button and see if you get some message.

Make a screenshot for me.