BUG: Cannot bind DateTimePicker to data!

I have DateTimePickers on 3 pages inside a list (repeater), all of them are bound to data and working fine.
But when I tried to create new page and bind DateTimePicker inside a list (repeater) to data it fail! I cannot choose a field to bind DateTimePicker because field selector is always disabled. :frowning:
How is that possible that data binding for DateTimePicker is working fine for 3 other pages but does not work for new page?!
I already tried to renamed page, tried to add new DateTimePicker, tried to copy-paste from working pages - all variants fail! In all cases db field selection is DateTimePicker on this page is disabled. :frowning:
It looks like bug or limitation.
Could you please advice - how to fix or workaround this issue?

Hi Dmitry,

Currently there is a product limitation - Input components can’t be added to repeater (like Input, TextBox, Slider etc.), please share the site/editor URL, I’ll take a look and see what I can suggest here.

Here is a link but it is available only for registered users: Irpin Richtown 12

Problem is - it shows date of records correctly (in repeater/list) but in Site Editor I cannot configure data binding for that field because all fields in list are grayed out. Honestly I simply does not understand - how is it working at all if databinding is not configurable?
So, it looks weird.

Hi Dimitry,
Can you please send us a screenshot of the issue? I’m not sure that I fully understand what is the issue.
Currently the repeater is not binded to any collection.


Here is screenshot -

As you can see - DateTimePicker control is not bound to any data fields!
And it is impossible to define data binding for it! Because all fields are grayed out in a dropdown list of fields, so I cannot choose any item in that dropdown list.

When running on site that DateTimePicker is always shows a current date.
So, for sure - there is something wrong.

Btw, you wrote “Currently the repeater is not binded to any collection” that is not true. Repeater is bound to FEEDBACK data-collection. Here is screenshot that confirms that -

Or maybe you meant different page on my site?
Just “to be on the same page” here is a ref to page which I meant has problems with DateTimePicker data-binding: