Bugs on Hyperlink in Database 'Rich Text' Field Type

I found a possible bug when creating a hyperlink within the ‘Rich Text’ field type in the Database table.

Basically I can’t copy-paste or manually write the URL on the hyperlink’s web address window. When I try to paste or write the URL, the hyperlink window will only reset from the ‘web address’ tab back to ‘none’.

After that, when I close and reopen the previous rich text, all the texts inside will have its font changed into Times New Roman, and on the bottom of the texts, there will be some letters that is typed based on the previous copy-pasting / manually write the URL (example: if I paste (CTRL + V) on the hyperlink, the web address tab will reset to none, and the letter ‘V’ will appear on the bottom of the rich texts after the edit rich text window is reopened).

Can anyone else confirm this problem and devs to look into this bug?

Hi Ibrahim

Are you still experiencing this issue?

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Hello Ido,

Sorry for the late reply, but yes! This issue is resolved now, I just tried it.
Thank you Wix team for the help!

Best Regards