Bulk create members and passwords

I have a list of 600 usernames and passwords which I want to create member accounts with. Once the correct username and password is entered, all users are granted access to one specific page. I cannot have just one password for the page, each user must have a unique password which I have generated. The user will not change or update these details. What is the best way to do this?

  • Is it possible to do this directly through the Member List?
  • Should I use my own database? I don’t have enough experience with Java and can’t piece together the code I need.
    Any help and suggestions are very welcome - I have been trying and failing for two days!

Thanks in advance,

Navigate to your ‘dashboard’, then go to ‘Contacts & CRM’ then go to ‘contact list’

Click on more actions at the top of the screen
Then click export contacts, choose ‘Regular CSV file’
Once the CSV file has downloaded, open it in MS Excell
Paste all your memeber emails and passwords, etc into the file in Excel
Save the updated filed on your computer

Then go back to your ‘contact list’
Click on more actions at the top of the screen
Then click import contacts
Choose the CSV file you just updated in Excel

Now all your members should be stored in the CRM

Thanks for your help Mike. I have just tried that but now I can’t get them from my Contact List into the Member List. There is no import button on the Member List. Emailing my contacts with a sign up link isn’t an option either.
If you have any other suggestions I will give them a go!