Button Background Color Not Changing Using Velo

We created logic to change the background color of button using code which was working great until yesterday… Suddenly the logic stopped working. Does anyone experiencing an issue changing color of a button using code?

Attach the code, and what button it is, what design features it has new or old?

export function sizeButton1Cover_click(event) {

    $w( "#sizeButton1" ).style.backgroundColor =  "#000000" ; 
    $w( "#sizeButton1" ).style.color =  "#FFFFFF" ; 


The button has the default setting. Opacity set to 1.

What do you mean design features new or old?
I was not aware that there are different design feature for button.

I believe I am using the new buttons

The first code of proper color change.
It just seems to me that the function has been disconnected from the button,
You may have changed the ID of the button
You can see that even what you put in the button name does not match what is written in the function name of the ID element name

Whatever you do
Select the element, delete the event, and recreate it.

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