Button output no response

this is my site link
on the input page
continue button works in preview while when i change it to a published site and launch the site on browser i get no response from continue button
if you can help pls i beg pls help

Most of the people here don’t have any access to your editor, so if you describe the issue in details and post your code, you’ll have a better chance to get an answer. Otherwise , you should contact Wix Support.

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i have prepared a bmi calculator
i have written a code
export function enter1_click_1(event) {
let formula = ($w( “#weight” ).value / $w( “#height” ).value);
let bmi = parseFloat((Number(formula) / $w( “#height” ).value) * 10000 ).toFixed( 1 );
$w( “#bmi” ).value = String(bmi);
if (Number(bmi) <= 18.5 ) {
$w( “#text1” ).text = ‘You are underweight!’ ;
} else if (Number(bmi) > 18.5 && Number(bmi) <= 24.9 ) {
$w( “#text1” ).text = ‘You BMI is normal.’ ;
} else if (Number(bmi) >= 25 && Number(bmi) <= 29.9 ) {
$w( “#text1” ).text = ‘You are overweight!’ ;
} else if (Number(bmi) > 29.9 ) {
$w( “#text1” ).text = ‘Warning, You are obese!’ ;

the enter button works perfectly in prview and doesnot give any response in published site
and i have not added any data set because that was not helping
you can view the site

pls help
its urgent

I just tried it on your live site, and everything worked well.
Anyway, I’m not sure about this line:
$w(“#bmi”).value = String(bmi);
What are you trying to do here? The BMI is already of type string, and that’s not the way to convert numbers to strings anyway (unless you have something in the string() function you just haven’t posted here).

on which browser did you open that link

@jonatandor35 really because when i am doing it on my laptop
on chrome
and the bmi should change

Google chrome (desktop) and it changes when I change the input (as expected).

please check out this video

sorry. Just realized you were talking about the Continue button. So it isn’t working. Is " enter1" the ID of the continue button?


@jonatandor35 yes

@jonatandor35 can you help

Tested again on Desktop Chrome and it calculated the BMI and displayed the evaluation: " You are underweight!".

i can share admin access to you

if you can help


@jonatandor35 how

@jonatandor35 are you using it as a visitor