Can a site visitor save data without logging in?

The problem I have is that the user’s selection is visible to anyone who visits the site (it just takes the latest entry in the Dataset table). Is there a way to have the user’s selection be isolated to that user only - without them becoming a member.


Nope. Not in a reliable way.

You can store an identification string it in the browser cache. But it’ll be available to anyone who uses the same device + it won’t be available if the visitor cleans up the cookies (anyway this way is not considered “secured”). But if it fits to your requirements - go for it.

@jonatandor35 That’s hardly reliable. And that’s what I meant. We should give people here sure fire ways to code, in my opinion. We both know the cons when storing it into a browser cache, but does everybody? And when you mention it (dumping cookies), does it get through? After a couple of years on this Forum, I start to lean towards simple yes/no answers, because we have no idea of the background knowledge of every individual who’s asking. Not starting a flame war, just my contemplation, hope you can see the reason.

@giri-zano Yes. It depends on what he’s trying to do, how reliable it should be and how secured it needs to be (I believe you didn’t mean to say: never use wix-storage). If it’s sensitive data/needs to be available 100%/shouldn’t be accessed from the device etc… then you’re absolutely right.

On second thought, I think you’re approach is better.

Can we save visitor’s information without logging in . visitor’s mail id other details. we are waiting for user response

Yes, that is perfectly possible, do it all the time. You do not need logged in users to save something like an email address. The former question was about anonymous data (not knowing who user is, so storing in local data is only option, but with great risks). But if you want to store something like email address + name, users do not have to be logged in. But … at the time they want to change something, then you have a problem.

Can you get it me detail description about visitor’s details without logging in …