Can I make my welcome massage include site visitors location in response?

I’m trying to take the information I receive when I have site visitors telling me where they are from.I want to use their location it tells me in a personalized welcome message that’s automated.

You can use the Geolocation API in a custom element and then communicate between that custom element and your Velo code to display the user’s location if their browser decides to give your website that information.

I’m not sure how, I don’ think I’ve done anything but I’m already getting that information whenever somebody visits my site it tells me what citiy already. the program u mentioned can take that information as soon as they visit my site And repackage it automatically to go back into a greeting message to them saying for example, welcome to our site. We’re glad to be servicing Atlanta, Georgia or something similar

And thank u so much. Sincerely appreciate your time to help