Can I place my container or any wix element at particular location co-ordinates i.e. X-axis, Y-axis?

I have container, which need to be placed at two positions on my website page with conditions. I have two options to do it:

  • Either I create a duplicate it and place at two different locations

  • or change the x-axis or y-axis co-ordinates of my element and render it as per my requirement
    Option 1, does not seems viable as it will create duplicacy and site load.
    Option 2, I am not able to find solution to it.

My first question is , Can it be done?
if yes, how? i did not find option in Corvid to do it.

Please help.

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Hello Raman,

if you want to move elements, that is not possible!
You can vote for this FEATURE to be developed in the next time in the WISHLIST…

lready opened a voting for it, because also was searching for this feature.


Well done! :grin:

is it not possible yet?

Nope! You have to vote for this feature first.
When it gets enough votes, this feature will be released by wix.

Still waiting for it ----> That would open a new world of coding-possibilities and the coding would be much easier (on my opinion).

But i am not WIX :roll_eyes:

Just imagine —> you can move every element on your page in y-axis and x-axis like you want and place it via CODE on the right place you want.