Can I Prevent User Data Overwrite When Adding New Contacts via a Form on Wix CRM Frontend?

Question: Is it possible to allow authenticated members to add a new contact through a form without overwriting their own contact information, and can this new contact automatically trigger a specific “Welcome” Automation?

Product: Wix CRM Frontend

What are you trying to achieve: I am working on creating a second page where authenticated members, who are ‘group organizers’, can add new contacts to the Contact list using a form. This should ideally trigger the same “Welcome” Automation as it does when a new member signs up on the main page. However, I’m encountering an issue where the authenticated user’s information gets overwritten instead of creating a new contact, despite having set the option to not auto-fill the email field. I want to know how to ensure a new contact is created without affecting the existing user’s data, and if it’s possible to manually trigger the “Welcome” Automation for the new contact.

What have you already tried: I have explored the option of using appendOrCreateContact() function from wix-crm-frontend to manage the creation of new contacts. I am considering coding the contact creation process to circumvent the issue but am hesitant as it seems like I would lose the automation flow established for the “Welcome” Automation. I have also ensured that the option to not auto-fill the email field is enabled to avoid automatic data overwrite, but this has not resolved the issue.

Additional information: The main goal is to maintain the “Welcome” Automation for new contacts added through this method, and to find a way to manually insert a contact/create a card in a specific Automation without losing the existing setup. Understanding whether this behavior is expected and if there is a workaround through code would be extremely helpful.