Can I use supressAuth in a query

I want to run a backend query and want to use options to suppress auth can I do it? I know count allows options but I’m not really sure how to run the query

Answering the question , options should be passed within .find instead of query. so it will be .find(options)

I am running into a similar situation that I am trying:

  1. to selection a record from a submitted dataset (generated by a form).

  2. to post this record to a table and/or text box(es).

  3. to be accessed by another web API
    Here is my code:

let options = {“suppressAuth”: true};


wixData . query ( “myContactCollection” )
. limit ( 1 )
. find ( options )
. then ( ( results ) => {
let inputItems = results . items [ 0 ];
$w ( “#table1” ). rows = results . items ;

    $w ( '#text1' ). text  =  inputItems . position ; 

} ); 

But, I couldn’t access the table and text from outside webs despite that I can see them from my website using “preview” function. Please point me to the right direction to fix the problem. Appreciate any help you can provide.

You can pass {suppressAuth: true} into find function in query. Like this

.eq(“row”, rowNumber)
.find({suppressAuth: true})
.then(results => {