Can Velo help me edit the pricing-plans pages?

I need to remove or replace the link on the button of the page below or even delete it all together.
https://www.catiebrier .com/pricing-plans?appSectionParams=%7B%22restrictedPageId%22:%22stzar%22%7D

Hello @bakiralkhateeb

Pricing plan widget are not editable with Velo (it’s a html Iframe)

But is should not be to hard to recreate in velo

  1. collapse the widget
    2.add a repeater
    3.inject your pricing plan into the repeater

that way you can create you own custom logic:)

Ps: you might want to look at

It’s an old tutorial, so there might be easier way to do that know but that will give you an idea

Good luck

Hello @quentin

Many thanks for your answer.

To make sure I understand correctly, If we recreate the page in Velo that could replace the existing default pages?

If so, would you be interested (or know anyone who would be) to do so as I have no Velo experience. Of course I’d be paying for your time.

My thanks and regards,

Sure, you can contact me at and we’ll see what we can do for you :slight_smile: