Can you automatically create a copy of a page by code?

I wonder if it´s possible to use code to automatically create a copy of a members profile page in the moment a member is registered and give the copy another url?

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
With that I would make it possible for members to view other members profile page with a click on their profile photo. I don´t use the “Members Area” app because my pages are 100 % customized.

What have you already tried:
I have tried many alternatives but never succeded due to lack of knowledge and information.

It sounds like you are describing a Dynamic Page.

When a user registers, you can add their metadata to a CMS Collection associated to a Dynamic Page. Items added to this collection get their own dynamic item page URL, with each page maintaining the same design and layout.

Yes I know but my problem is that the pages gets a id-number in the url while I instead want it to be the members nickname. Thats why I want a copy to be automaticaly created but with the nickname instead of the given id-number. I´m probably making it harder for myself than needed but the reason is that I´m unaware of a better alternative.