Cannot add Multiple image files to the canvas

How is such a simple action not available on this tool?
Every time I have to add multiple images, I have open the upload panel and add. I had to add 60 images and imagine… I had to click my files and browse through the specific folder and then hit add. 60 times, and not only that, the image does not display on the canvas, sometimes you have reload the entire editor and switch between pages and when you do so, you lose all the progress that you have made even after saving, I have lost at least 50 hours of work, if you can just have a multiple image adding to the canvas. I will not be suggesting anyone to use editor X as it lacks so many basic tools, I know this is in beta, but before you let the public pay to use your tools, you should have the basics functioning properly.

Aside from that there are tons of performance issues, layout issues, file size limits are annoying because I cannot use the required svgs I want. The preview is not the same when I view it on another device. I’m only using Editor X at behest of a client, who wanted me to develop a site using dragndrop interface and by far this is the worst experience I have ever had in my entire career of 8 years developing HTML websites.

Hi @deepakkumar99933

We really appreciate your honesty with your feedback of the experience of adding images on the site.

Regarding adding images, we are in discussion with the team responsible to investigate how we can improve the experience. We are also investigating the issue where the image won’t appear on the editor.

Also, if you have specific issues with performance and layouts please let us know the details and we will get our developers to investigate.

This feedback will definitely help us make better decisions in the future.

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