Cannot apply different gallery layouts to different breakpoints


I have read that if you make a modification to the website on a smaller breakpoint (i.e. tablet) it would only cascade to smaller breakpoints (i.e. phone), but not larger (i.e. desktop).
I noticed that a gallery looked bad on tablet mode. I changed the layout and it changed across all breakpoints (even desktop). I have tried to find a solution so I would be able to have the most appropriate gallery layout for each breakpoint with no success.

Does anybody know what to do?

Thank you,

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Sorry for the delayed answer.

You may or may not have already found out that the apps from the AppMarket (at least the Wix Apps, obviously including the Wix Pro Gallery) are not responsive (or, at least, nnot fully responsive). Of course their width will change dynamically according to the viewport every time you use responsive units, but they won’t quite obey the Cascading Principle as you may have already whitnessed.

So what they do instead? They show a different layout below the 750px wide breakpoint , which is the layout they used to show on the mobile site of the Wix classic editor. This is the layout you can customize and maintain cascaded down without compromising the layout for the bigger breakpoint.

But note I said (or wrote, heh) 750px , not ‘mobile breakpoint’ : the layout change stays that way at exactly 750px even if you modify your mobile breakpoint since it doesn’t depend on that; all Wix Apps were designed to work with previous Wix editor and haven’t been adapted entirely to EditorX.