Can't connect datasets with reference field

I have a reference field set up in my primary dataset. I created a dynamic page from the primary dataset, and added a secondary dataset to the page. I now need to connect the two. My reference field is not available for selection in the filter option of the primary dataset. Any idea howcome?

You can connect fields of the referenced item from the dataset of the primary item. That item, in the dynamic page includes the referenced one.

Thank you, I got it working.

Are you able to assist me with this one please?
I have a date and I need to add 25 working days to that date.
I have a dataset called Holidays - which is two columns name of holiday (holiday) and date of holiday (holidayDate). Another dataset called Feeback, where the date of sale and the delivery dates are held.
So if my date is the date of sale (orderConfirmation) and I need to add 25 working days as the delivery date (deliveryDate) - how would I do that?
Thank you

Having the same issue. I have a collection called “usercases” which contains a column called “Usercase_image”. The “Usercase_image” value is however not available to select on the “Connection Options” on the page editor. How come?