Category database items

I’m super new to this so bare with me!

I am trying to create a website for therapists who need ideas for exercise interventions for pediatric patients. I have identified 5 categories the exercises fit into; strength, range of movement, co-ordination, balance, milestones. So far i have set up one dynamic category page with a repeater which works really well when I input the exercises in the database under just one category the exercises fit into i.e. Skipping - Coordination (fits under milestones and balance as well).

However I’m not sure how I can set up the database so that the exercises appear under all the categories that are relevant to them. I.e Skipping appears on the dynamic page under Coordination, Milestones and Balance.

Any tips would be super helpful!
Thank you!!

I believe you should create a Data Collection with your categories inside and then in your exercise Data Collection create a reference field that will link to the categories Data Collection.

Then create a Dynamic Page for categories being the index page and then link this categories to the exercises.

Hi Andreas! Thank you!
I’m having a bit of trouble still and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I created the Data Collection “Category,” and then a Reference Field in the Data

Collection called “Category.” I’ve put a few exercises in and also applied the Reference Field to them. I then made a Dynamic Category Page with a repeater (Data Set: Exercises) and linked everything up, however I cant seem to link the Data Set “Category” to the title of my Dynamic Category page, or even make the exercises appear under the category itself.