Changing button status

Hi. I’m still new with wix. So having difficulty in figuring this out. I have a sign up page and everytime a user signs up >> they get re-directed to my home page. The home page also has a sign up button (in case of a new user directly ending at home page). However, I would like to change the sign up button to “Coming Soon” static button for users who have signed up and arrived at home page. How should I go about it? Kindly help me out.

Hey Rohit, what do you mean by a “static” button? A button that cannot be clicked? Do you automatically login a user after sign up? If not, there is no way to deduce he already exists.Well, kind of: you could write to local storage some like {hasSignUp : true} and read that back on the home page.
But it´s not fool proof. If user cleans cache, then this info is gone. It looks to me you should re-think your flow and not make it too difficult on yourself.

Hey … sorry for the ambiguity. Its actually not a login flow. It’s simple a subscribe or join button. There is no login. I just get the email/ phone number details of the user from the custom form and re-direct them to home page. On the home page, I would like to change “Join Now” button to “Coming Soon” for user who just subscribed.

Would be great if you could help me out on this one.

What you are trying to do is logically impossible: identify an unidentified user. If an anonymous someone just fills out a form with some data, he will still be anonymous on the next page, unless, as I said before, you identify him by logging him in, leave a trace inside his browser (local storage) or set some param in the url. Then you can identify him amongst other users. But this is not a Wix problem: anonymous is anonymous, in any environment.