Check products bought in thank you page

Hi, i need to trigger some custom actions after some products are bought in a store i’m building, but just for 2 “special” products is there a way to check this in the Thank You page?
Hope some one can help me, thanks in advance.

You can’t reach the orders collection but you can set a session variable or local storage when adding products to the cart and then on the thank you page just check that variable to see if they are still in the variable and if they are do stuff and they clear the variable.

Sounds like a good turn around, but i can find out how to set a trigger to add the product to storage, the product page add to cart button don’t let me add an onClick event, and i can’t find a way to see what’s in the shoppingCart… any suggestion? i need to be sure the product is in the shopping cart just before i got into thank you page, and if the product is removed i need to also remove the product from the session variable…wix store don’t let you do much custom stuff :frowning: