clickable repeater

how can I make a repeater item be clickable? Meaning when someone clicks on a repeaters item empty space he will be taken to that particular item’s slug page (or item id page ).

Place the transparent button in the element area size in the repeater area with the frontmost. If the repeater is connected to the dataset then bind the url to the button. Good luck with.


My suggestion would be to generate everything by/with code.
Of course it is simple to use dataset-connections, but at least, there will be always a situation, where you won’t be able to manage your wished feature without using code.
And in those cases → You than start to use code and you recognize → that you practicaly have to go all the steps back and start from scratch again → using CODE!

So, if you want to develope → stunning and cool looking Web-Pages with cool and dynamic features and functions → Than start to code your site, instead of using predefined stuff.

Go your own CUSTOM-MODE-way → :sunglasses: