Client Billing 1. Qty input field in mobile, popup #keypad? 2. Modify or Add new field like Exchange Qty/Re-Calculation allows per line?

Hi Paschal, can you explain in detail what you’re trying to accomplish? Thank you. :slight_smile:

  1. Quantity field system given default number is 1. If Mobile User need to change it might be not that easy as Deskop User having the numbers Keys to press. So, I suggest if Mobile Press/Touch the Quantity field. A Number Key Pad shown/pop up for user to Change the quantity.

  2. Just wonder are we allow to modify the product/invoice line item fields such as adding one extra field for User to enter Exchange/Return Quantity. Sales Qty-ReturnQry = Net Quantity X Unit Price = Net Amount per line. I am looking as a Mobile User point of view in using it as Sales Tools in the field/on the street/Client area.
    I am one of the Business Solution on Mobile Route Sales System developer. More to ask but just to see the above first two anwser before next.

Hey Paschal! Thanks for sharing this feedback for the Wix CRM team! I’ll make sure to pass it on them :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sheyla for your quick respond and Keep Safe!