Hey all! I have 2 questions…
1- Can i encode a Facebook Live into a wix page and how can i?
2- I want to create an automated approach to the following…
— As I have a network marketing team, each having their own direct links to their “Order Page”, which is coded by an Affiliate ID.
— As i have the facebook live on a website, I want to have a Sign Up button underneath.
— I want each Affiliate under me to be able to invite guests to this Live on my website, yet i want them each to have their code to the Sign Up button. For example, if Bob ID 12345, invites Mary to the Live on the website named, I want Bob to automatically be able to add his ID to the end of website,, so when Mary clicks the Sign Up button, she is redirected to Bob’s Network Marketing website.
I really hope this makes sense.



So item 2 you would use a web query

Ie Website Domain Names, Online Stores & Hosting |

On the /landing page we would get the lid and then query it against a database to return the members unique marketing website.

Hope this makes sense?

Wix documentation

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Item 1 I have never had the need to try, so I wouldn’t know unfortunately