Collapsible text without disrupting anything else

How can I make collapsible text without disrupting anything else when I click “Read more”?

I want the text to cover whatever is below on the page, but it just pushes everything down and I don’t want that.

Wix Website Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I am making a website timeline. I want to click “Read more” on some of the boxes and not push the rest down (which will make my website all ugly). I want everything to stay in place.

What have you already tried:
I tried grouping it with another element (the timeline bar), it worked. But then I cannot group anything else to it, or it will become all disfunctional again.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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The unfinished website, in case you need to see it to get a better idea:

I can only think of 1 way at the moment. instead of having collapsable text you would have a button that says read more which shows a container with the full text. Then another button with read less to hide it again. just a bit of code and design.

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