Collection design puzzle for multiple filters

I have been going round in circles trying to come up with a clever design to support a use case I have, without having too many webpages. I am reporting on a bibliography, and have categorised books by category and by language. We want users to be able to filter on both category and language, such as to select just “works of fiction” in English.

What I have been unable to work out is how to design the collections to allow either of the filters to be optional, all on a single page. It is easy enough to have one page filtering on language, another filtering on category, and another filtering on both. But that is three pages, which is two more than I would like.

The closest that I have got is to make the fields I am going to filter on be multi-reference fields. If I do that, I can tag a book as being in English, and as being in ‘any language’, and if I add ‘any language’ to the user selectable element (I am using a table), it works. But I am concerned that that is getting a bit cumbersome to set up and maintain, and do not know how well the multi-reference fields will cope with every book having both a real language and ‘any language’ as values. Do I need to worry about that?

Can you come up with a better table design that allows me to build a single page with a table for the user to select the filter value for language, and another for book category, and then show in a repeater all books that satisfy both filters, with a mechanism to allow filters to be ignored.

No code, please! I am not technical enough to write code to do this, even if you think it will be easy.

Hi Richard,

This forum is specifically for questions about Corvid by Wix.

If you are not interested in adding any code to your site you would be better off contacting Wix Support .

Thank you!

Dara | Corvid Team

You have obviously not attempted to use Wix support, then. I have raised multiple tickets with them, including one on this subject, and multiple bugs. No response to any of them.